Rolly Travel Toothbrush: The World’s Most Innovative Toothbrush

Rolly Travel Toothbrush: The World’s Most Innovative Toothbrush

Rolly Travel Toothbrush: The World’s Most Innovative And Smallest Toothbrush

I am going to have some fun with the world’s most innovative toothbrush. It is a toothbrush unlike any other.

Rolly Travel Toothbrush – no brushing necessary, just roll it between the teeth with your tongue.

I don’t suppose many of you have seen or even heard of this before. Until today, I certainly have not. It is just one of those things that will have people asking, “What on earth did you just put in your mouth?”.

Rolly Brush US

Rolly Brush US

Imagine backpacking in Thailand, you are in a backpackers lodge and everyone is looking at you while you stand in front of the bathroom mirror and chew your toothbrush.

Pretty soon, your backpacking mates will be taking videos of you and you end up on YouTube.

Rolly is a unique dental aide for cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath, any time, anywhere.

They are disposable toothbrush and their compact size makes it an ideal alternative to the conventional toothbrush and toothpaste, when you are away from home, camping or backpacking.

The Top 5 Questions people ask when they see the Rolly Travel Toothbrush for the first time:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. What is that you just put in your mouth?
  3. Is that gum? Why are you chewing gum in the bathroom?
  4. Did you just put your earplugs in your mouth?
  5. You’re kidding me! Does it work?

Rolly Travel Toothbrush: What Is Special About Them?

Rolly Travel Toothbrush

Rolly Travel Toothbrush

The question should be “What is so different about them?”. For one, they don’t look like toothbrush but surprisingly, they actually work.

Use Rolly Toothbrush after a meal and it will discreetly remove any food still stuck to your teeth.

Rolly Travel Toothbrush contains Fluoride and Xylitol which is used in dental care, and comes in Mint flavor.

The compact size brush allows cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, while bristles ensure the removal of food particles and plaque build up between teeth, and cleans your tongue.

It does everything a normal toothbrush will do, and helps to promote healthy gums too.

According to Rolly Brush US, “Rolly Brushes are a unique “all-in-one” toothbrush and breath freshener, designed by dentists. Rolly requires no water, no toothpaste, no mirror, and no washroom.”

Rolly Travel Toothbrush: Where Can You Buy Some

One of the question I have is how do you keep from swallowing one and what happens if I did? The first part of the question is easy enough, just don’t talk while you are cleaning your teeth. You should not anyway, how do you clean your teeth and talk at the same time?

As for accidentally swallowing one, according to their scientific and safety research shows that “the product did not release any trace or lose any part during the transit in the mouth, stomach and intestine.”

The Rolly Travel Toothbrush can be purchased from their website at or from

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