For Women: Passive Aggressive Pajamas

For Women: Passive Aggressive Pajamas

Passive Aggressive Pajamas And Sleepwear For Women

Women’s pajamas, sleepwear, pj pants, pajamas sets, shorts and pj capris – dedicated to funny women and ladies who like to make their feelings known.

Passive Aggressive Pajamas puts a bit of fun and humor in to women’s pajamas and sleepwear. Available for order online.

The clinical definition of Passive Aggressive behavior can generally be described as a non-verbal aggression against someone. It is actually a pretty negative type behavior but in this case, we encourage making your feelings known and having a bit of a laugh.

pajamas shorts from passive aggressive pajamas

Women’s Pajamas Shorts

The shop owners call it PJs dedicated to funny ladies. You might even say these pajamas are made for laughing.

Passive Aggressive Pajamas – Let Your Pajamas Do The Talking

These women’s pajamas comes in a variety of styles, from pajamas pants, pajamas sets, shorts and Capri pants.

I am sure we all know someone who will enjoy these sleepwear. They are great for gifts, party favors, and that special someone who will like this more than most.

Women's Pajamas Pants from Passive Aggresive Pajamas

Women’s Pajamas Pants

While some people say make your nightwear exciting and fashionable, we say make your sleepwear comfortable and you.

These sleepwear and pajamas pants look comfortable, what makes Passive Aggressive Pajamas different is you can have words printed on to your pajamas.

You can print words like
“you’re not the boss of me”,
“my mother-in-law hates me”,
“what is wrong with you?” and so on.

You can only print one phrase for each set of pajamas. Visit their website to see the full range of phrases available for printing.

My personal favorite is “I’m not really sorry”. Some of these phrases might hit a chord with the ladies out there. If it does, don’t focus too much on the negative aspects of things. Learning to laugh at things can bring good things to you.

Passive Aggressive Pajamas – Order Your Pajamas Online

Funny women's pajamas from passive aggressive pajamas

Funny women’s pajamas

Passive Aggressive Pajamas are sold through their website at The company is located in La Crescenta, California, and offers pajamas that display sayings dedicated to disgruntled ladies.

Made from 100% cotton, available in women’s size small to extra-large, in a variety of colors, prints, and styles.

You can place your online and pay by credit card. Their Customer Guarantee states that all merchandise are free of defect, and will arrive in good condition. They will replace the merchandise or refund your money if this guarantee is not met.

They also have a Return Policy for refund or replacement with 30 days of the shipment date.

Funny women’s pajamas, sleepwear, pajamas pants, sets, shorts and capri pants are available from Passive Aggressive Pajamas.

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