Eco Friendly Designs: Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants

Eco Friendly Designs: Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants

Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants Are Eco Friendly And Made From Bamboo

Bamboo is a natural fiber option that can be used to make women’s bamboo yoga pants and fashion wear. Visit for a full range of women’s fashionable yoga wear.

Bamboo is a eco-friendly and sustainable natural resource, fast growing and you do not need to replant after harvesting. While it looks like a type of wood, it is actually a grass that grows readily.

By extending our use of bamboo, we are helping to fight global warming. Bamboo takes in greenhouse gases, absolves carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us. Bamboo helps stabilizes the earth and prevents soil erosion. It is organic and requires no chemicals or fertilizers to grow.

Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants: Made From Bamboo

women's bamboo yoga pantsWomen’s Bamboo Yoga Pants by Eco Fabrik is a pair of luxuriously soft and natural bamboo rayon fiber pants.

Made from 70% Bamboo Rayon, 25% Organic Cotton and 5% Spandex Stretch Terry, it is naturally soft, stylish and functional.

Women’s Yoga Pants with draw string waist lets you stay in harmony with nature, enjoy the relaxed fit and comfort of a natural fabric garment.

You nourish your mind, body and soul as you practice yoga and know you are one with nature.

Women’s Yoga Pants with draw string waist is available in black and light blue, in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Why Use Bamboo?
Bamboo yoga pants is made from a soft and breathable material. Bamboo is more antibacterial than other fabrics like cotton or wool, as these fabrics are very absorbent and retain moisture. Bamboo on the other hand, wicks moisture away from you skin. Some women also feel that bamboo has a natural sheen to it and drapes the body better.

Bamboo as a fabric is softer than cotton and can be used to make beautifully style clothing for women. It can also be used for bedsheets and bedding, giving you the sensation of luxurious silky smoothness of bamboo sheets.

Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants From

women's bamboo fashion wear

Women’s bamboo fashion wear

For more eco-friendly yoga pants and fashion wear, visit

Bamboo Yoga Pants fits snug around your legs, allows you full range of movement, which allows for complete protection during your yoga exercises.

Bamboo apparel has come a long way it was first used, and you can now find nearly any style of clothing made from bamboo.

Bamboo clothes last just as long as other materials, and its color fastness is equally comparable. It is excellent in keeping you cool and dry.

Visit for more Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants.

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