Custom Titanium Rings For Men And Women

Custom Titanium Rings For Men And Women

custom titanium rings

Custom Titanium Rings From Titanium Ring Shop

If you have not seen the array and choice of titanium rings available from the Titanium Ring Shop, you are in for a treat. These titanium rings are designed and created with hardwood and metal inlay ring designs by artisans in the USA. Custom titanium rings from the Titanium Ring Shop are made in Hawaii.

With over 300 designs from the Titanium Ring Shop, there is a ring for everyone for whatever the occasion. It is elegant, made from exotic woods, with inlays of gold and precious stones, and high quality workmanship. After seeing their designs, you will want one. I want one myself!

Titanium rings for men can include inlays of gold, precious minerals, carbon fiber and exotic woods. Masculine designs in exotic hardwood, Koa, Amboyna, and African Blackwood, you can choose the width of the band and engrave your name or message.

Titanium rings for women are available in variety of stone settings, with Diamond, Ruby and Opal Inlays.

A Selection of Custom Titanium Rings From Titanium Ring Shop

Titanium Ring from Titanium Ring Shop

Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings
Who would have thought that carbon fiber rings can look so cool and masculine? Modern and distinctive titanium ring designs feature gray, white and black carbon fiber inlays that delivers that distinctly modern look. Popular with both men and women and are a great alternative to traditional ring designs.

Titanium Rings with Exotic Hardwood Inlays
Custom titanium rings that features exotic hardwood inlays, including Koa wood, Blood wood, Purple Heart wood, Milo Knot wood, Amboyna wood and others. Master artisans in the USA have been perfecting the exquisite design and assures the buyer of that such a ring will last for a long time.

Titanium Rings with Diamond Inlays
A collection of titanium rings with diamond inlays that sets a new standard of elegance. These rings are the perfect combination of sophistication, precious diamonds and the natural beauty of exotic hardwoods.

These are just some of the distinctive Hawaiian custom-made Titanium rings produced and sold by Visit their website to look at their custom titanium rings for men and women. Better yet, get a matched pair.

Custom Titanium Rings Made In Hawaii

The video above shows a titanium ring with black wood and blue Opal inlay from the Titanium Ring Shop. The dark, mysterious tone of the Black wood inlay in this ring is the perfect complement to the stunning Blue Opal inlay.

All rings are handcrafted in Hawaii and made to order. Buyers can choose the inlay material, ring size, ring width, finish and engraving. Free worldwide shipping, free engraving and a lifetime materials and craftsmanship guarantee.

For more stunning choices of titanium rings for men and women, visit today.

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